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Website Design & Management

Does your website Do Work?

In today's digital age, your website needs to stand out and drive traffic. We've got the solutions for your success in a crowded digital world.

Does your website stand out in a crowded internet?

These days, anyone can build a basic website. What distinguishes your business's presence on the web and drives in revenue starts with the execution of strategic design and thoughtful communication. We're always evolving to utilize the latest optimization tools, web technologies and marketing advances to ensure a successful website in a crowd of millions of websites.

Websites are much more than pages and pictures.

Our team of Web Designers, Digital Marketers and Web Engineers ingrain themselves with your brand in order to deeply understand your target customer. It's all about clear communication, flawless user experiences and telling a compelling story to generate strong, long-lasting relationships with loyal customers to grow your business.

Say NO to churn and burn

Our job isn't done when your website is launched, in fact, we're just getting started. Competition evolves, technology changes and markets adapt. The reason we don't charge a full flat-fee up front and move on to the next project is because we feel we can best serve you and see your success is by working together long-term to make sure you're are always on top. Our team works hard for small businesses that feel their time is best spent building an amazing company with great services, products and culture.

Website Design & Development Pricing

Transparent website strategy, design and management pricing. No Surprises.
We Do everything.

You're busy running a small business operation. Managing your website on top of everything else can be an overwhelming experience. We don't expect you to be a jack-of-all-trades trained web professional, so we're changing the game. We want you to worry less about your website, so that you can be the best business you can be with the best customer experience possible. We believe that transparency is the foundation of trust, and trust is the foundation of great teamwork. You can learn more about our company values here. Let's be teammates!

Build Consistency + Community


$ 139 /month $ 1,999 Consult, Design, Content, Coding & Setup

Let's start driving traffic and attract a following! Perfect for the small business looking to get their feet wet with an impactful web presence.

  • Dynamic One Page Website
  • Custom Branded Web UI Design
  • Hand Coded from Scratch
  • Professional SEO Optimized Copywriting
  • Licensed Craftcms Content Management System
  • Mobile Device Compatible Design
  • Managed SSD Web Hosting Included
  • Security Monitoring & Updates
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Monthly Maintenance Review
  • Launched and Live in 3-4 weeks.
Grow Your Following + Engage


$ 249 /month $ 3,499 Consult, Design, Content, Coding & Setup

Let's rock this boat! A package for the business that is making moves and has a hungry customer base. This allows us to do weekly on-site visits to absorb your culture, engage more, get press opportunities, take photos and host social media contests or write a monthly blog article!

  • All from “Presence” Plan plus:
  • Includes 1 Additional Custom Component Listed Below
  • 5 Handcrafted & Coded Pages
  • Professional Content Writing
  • Monthly Content Updates Up to 3 Hours
  • Blog / News / Press Release Section Component Included
  • Monthly Analytics Review & Report
  • Launched and Live in 3 weeks!
Best Value! Brand Loyalty + Make Impact


$ 379 /month $ 5,999 Consult, Design, Content, Coding & Setup

Stay on everyone's radar. A special, full-service offer for serious brands and businesses located in and around town. This package allows us to do weekly on-site visits to absorb your culture, take photos and publish live streaming social media videos.

  • All from “Growth” Plan plus:
  • Monthly Standard SEO Review & Update
  • Unlimited Monthly Content Updates
  • Up to 10 Handcrafted & Professionally Written Pages
  • Includes 3 additional Custom Components Listed Below
  • Launched and Live in 4-6 weeks!
  • Includes Yearly Design Refresh!

Basic Components

Common Website features custom tailored for your business.


Service Listing / Menu

Need to easily display your menu or service pricing on your website? Seamlessly integrate a highly manageable service or product menu on your website! Perfect for Bars, Restaurants, Professional Services and Retail Shops


Photo Gallery

Want to feature an interactive collection of photos?


Staff Directory

Want to add a page to display your staff with personal biographies? Includes optional individual staff landing pages.


Project Portfolio

Want to add a page to display an attractive list of your past work/portfolio with custom pages for each individual project?

Advanced Components

Custom Website features made for your business.


Project Portfolio

Want to add a page to display an attractive list of your past work/portfolio with custom pages for each individual project?

Does not include photography or copywriting

Events Calendar

Do you host events or classes? We can create an easy to manage event calendar to list and promote events that will display where and when you need them to.

  • Need to sell tickets? Manage attendees, automated messaging and even scan tickets. Your very own ticketing service! - Add $1999
Starting At

Custom Form Builder

Do you want to integrate multiple custom forms? Need to accept job applications, capture project leads, get feedback? We can integrate a custom form builder seamlessly into your website, entries delivered to your email and managed right on your website.

  • Integrated Payment Processing Add $99

Listings or Business Directory

Need to add listings or a business directory with individual landing pages? Let's discuss what your site needs!

Advanced features may be extra. Does not include data entry.

Integrated Email Marketing

Want to manage your email marketing and view analytics right from your website backend? No need to pay a 3rd party and manage from another website like Constant Contact. We've built email marketing right into your website!

Branded Template Designs, Setup, Integration


Do you want to sell products or services on your website? Ecommerce is complex but we offer incredibly competitive rates for your custom ecommerce shop.

Additional $999 Craftcommerce Software License Not Included

Design, Setup, Integration

Integrated Instant Messaging

Need to INSTANTLY respond to customer questions or comments? We highly recommend an integrated chatbot, so you can have an open line of communication with your customers.

One-Time Setup and Integration

Additional Website

Does your website have multiple locations or divisions that require their own site but maintain consistent branding? Easily add and manage all your sites in one place!

+ $99/mo

Custom Components

Not all projects are created equally. Contact us to discuss your custom needs. Our developers can handle anything we throw at them. Nothing is impossible.

Per Hour

Data Entry

Populating content like directories, portfolios and staff lists is very important work but hugely time consuming. Allow us to populate your content so you can focus on business.

Per Hour

Additional Related Services


Additional Pages

Graphic Design, Copywriting, Layout, Navigation

Per Page

Blog Post

Concept, Research, Copywriting, Editing, Graphic Design, Post

Per Post

Website Copywriting

Strategy, Concept, Copywriting, Editing

Per Page

Email Newsletter

Concept, Copywriting, Art Direction, Photography, Graphic Design, Test, Send, Report

Per Email

Ecommerce Management

Need someone that will upload new products, manage inventory, logistics, follow up with customers?

Per Hour

Have Questions?

At this point, we'd be impressed if you didn't have some questions. It's a complex and confusing marketplace out there. So we're sharing some commonly asked questions. Please reach out with any additional questions you may have. We'd love to answer them over coffee, our treat!

Absolutely! In fact, we've recommended clients in that direction before. Our services are built for businesses that are ready to spend their time focusing on their business, standing out in crowded web space, investing in themselves and strategically driving business growth.

  • Websites without a strategy does your business little to grow and reach new customers. Our job is to create a website that communicates to a target audience. We provide the solutions to help your business to make an impact and drive business.
  • Our job isn't done when your website is launched, in fact, we're just getting started. Competition evolves, technology changes and markets adapt. The reason we don't charge a flat-fee up front and move on to the next project is because we feel we can best serve our customers and experience their success is by working together long-term to make sure we are always on top. Our team works hard for small businesses that feel their time is best spent building an amazing company with great services, products and culture.
  • Drag and drop site builders can be tempting and having a website online quickly is empowering. But at the end of the day, they are selling you the same templates to thousands of customers and you will never own your website. They even take assume ownership of your content for their use! This is bad news for businesses who take their brand image and content seriously.

While we understand some can feel there is a benefit of having a "shortcut" to getting a website online as fast as possible. As web and marketing professionals, we choose to design and build our clients websites from the ground up. There are many reasons why we choose to do this.

  1. Using templates is sharing the same look with thousands of other businesses. Branding your business's individuality is essential and often overlooked.
  2. You do not own your website's code. Surprise! The template creator owns your website's code and inevitably will stop providing updates that will eventually affect functionality and security.
  3. Custom Features will need to be built or integrated to suit your specific needs and then designed to match your brand. This is unpredictable and can get expensive!
  4. Pre-built templates do not contain any content. You still need to do a LOT of work. Design, Photography, Content Writing, SEO content.
  5. Templates are purposely generic to appeal to largest possible audience.
  6. The templates are very bulky, slow, and not yet optimized with considerations to speed and device. On the surface this is no big deal, but on a technical level: optimization matters! 80% of customers will not return to a site that loads slowly. That's a big deal.
  7. We can often code a site faster than it takes to modify a template to the desired output.

This is a very complex question, but what it boils down to is that our CMS of choice allows us to streamline and build exactly what we need to execute our strategies and achieve our goals for your business quickly and securely. We purchase a software license for every site we produce ourselves, because we believe in the product so much. And while basic Wordpress is free, we have customers that have paid thousands of dollars per year to secure, update and pay for the additional functionality their business website needed.

In order for us to provide efficient, secure and consistent services to all our clients, we require that the website be hosted by us. We use state of the art, private servers, which utilize solid state hard drives and the latest web software. There are no surprises in predictable high performance. There is no having to spend hours with tech support when the site goes down. We include hosting in all our packages. We will point your website domain name to our servers for free. One less service you have to spend your time managing!

We understand small businesses inside and out. We've also been at traditional agencies that would charge small businesses in excess of $15,000 up-front for a basic website and move on to the next big paycheck. These agencies need to "churn and burn" in order to survive. When these clients needed attention to their website, they were given new estimates and proposals. This can be devastating to a small business and we've seen it happen enough.

We needed to step-up change the game to support small businesses; to see their success all the way through and all the way up!

A monthly-fee pays for and allows us to:

  • Charge much less up-front
  • Update your site content at no extra cost
  • Consistent Security Updates
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Analytics review
  • Included world-class SSD hosting
  • Most importantly, it holds us accountable when it comes to your website's impact on your business.

Save when you require to all 3 Monthly services!

Are you a believer that a full-service solution will allow your business to focus, streamline and drive growth through the roof? We do! Contact us to discuss how we can save you even more on a full-service month-to-month marketing solution for your business.

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